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We invest in our relationships with our referring dentists, reassuring those who do not wish to undertake restoring work, and providing free training and support for those who do.

If you have no wish to be involved in restoring your patients’ implants, we are more than happy to manage the entire treatment process all the way through to the final restoration of permanent crowns. Patients will, of course, continue to be your patients throughout their treatment with us, and be returned to your care at the end.

If you would like to add implant restoration and placement to your general dentistry skills (and boost your income stream), we can help you do so – at no cost at all. At Gallions Reach we have many years’ experience of placing multiple – often complex – implants, and offer our referring dentists support and training.

Over 70 dentists from Essex, Kent and South East London currently refer and participate in our Partners in Practice implant groups.

Introduction to Implants (i2i)

Whether you are a young dentist, or someone more experienced who would like to know more about the Gallions Reach approach to implantology, our ‘Introduction to Implants’ programme could well interest you. In it, we:

  • Discuss implants, and explain the role they play in modern dentistry
  • Arm you with the knowledge to assess suitability and talk about options with your patients
  • Outline the other implant-related courses and training we offer our ‘Partners in Practice’ referring dentists.

Partners in Practice

Any referring dentist joining our ‘Partners in Practice’ (PIP) network gains access to our free implant training courses. See below for details of forthcoming PIP training sessions. In these, we:

  • Teach you how to restore an implant that we have placed
  • Teach you how to place a simple implant yourself, and
  • Provide you with a free restoration kit for your first implant.

We provide all our ‘trainees’ with certificates confirming the relevant number of CPD hours gained.

We also fully support the development of general dentists placing implants in-house. If you already do this, we offer our Partners in Practice our experience as a valuable expert resource:

  • If you have any questions, for example assessing the suitability of a ‘borderline’ implant case, we can offer advice. The answer could be as straightforward as e-mailing us an x-ray
  • If you meet any problems when placing an implant, you can talk things through with our implant surgeons.

Advanced implant support
If you wish to take your implant skills to still higher levels – for example placing multiple implants or even ‘All on 4’ – we can also help you with advanced training and mentoring.

As you can see, our PIP partnerships work on many different levels… for the benefit of all concerned. We would love to welcome you to our growing network!

PIP Training Evenings:

We run a range of training evenings on an ongoing basis for dentists interested in restoring the implants we place. Our ‘Introduction to Implants’ (i2i) course is a great way to find out if restoring is for you.

Wednesday 13th March 2019 – PIP – 18:00

Marie Wong – Interpretation of the IACSD guidance – Gallions Reach Sedation unit including a new dedicated paediatric service.

Wednesday 8th May 2019 – PIP – 18:00

Anthony Bendkowski – No Screw No Glue – The innovative Conometric Concept for implant fixed restorations.

Wednesday 17th July 2019 – PIP – 18:00

Daniel Bateman – Implants and Cosmetic dentistry – The perfect combination for patients.

Thursday 12th September 2019 – PIP – 18:00

Monika Sharma – Modern management of Endodontics – Complexity, competence and claims. 

Friday 27th September 2019 – CPD Conference – 09:00-17:00

One full day of core CPD subjects for the dental team. A chance to network with over 200 colleagues.
Topics: Medical Emergencies in the dental practice, Dental Medical Legal, The future of Peadiatric Sedation, The Implant Approach, Decontamination & Infection control.

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Wednesday 20th November 2019 – PIP – 18:00

Sinead Allis – An advanced pathway to implant dentistry.

PIP Training Evenings

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