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Patient Stories

Here are just some of the many patients we have successfully treated with dental implants. Their stories range from a simple, single tooth replacement to much more complex cases. We are very grateful to them for giving us permission to share their experiences with you. You can either watch this short montage or the individual patient stories below.
Jane – single implant patient
Jane was referred to us by her dentist, Ms Daly in Dartford. She had recently had a lower back tooth removed and wished to seek an alternative to the existing space, however, between appointments she also had another tooth removed on the upper right. Thus in a few weeks, Jane went from a full complement of teeth to missing two back teeth.
As Jane had a low-lying sinus, which is fairly common in the upper jaw, we had to place synthetic bone material in the area using a procedure known as a “sinus” lift. This allows us to gain extra bone height which gives us space to place an adequate length implant. In Jane’s situation, the implants were placed and the sinus lift was performed at the same appointment using local anaesthetic.
6 months after the rather sudden loss of two back teeth, Jane had her replacement teeth fitted. She now feels as if they are her own she can happily chew food normally and has almost forgotten that they are dental implants. It has been a pleasure treating Jane at Gallions Reach Dental Clinic.
Jean – ‘Teeth in a day’ patient
Jean arrived at our clinic having had an upper denture since she was 15 years old. Over the years the number of teeth on the denture have grown until she was left with just one natural tooth in the upper jaw. This was obviously an embarrassing situation and she wished to have a fixed restoration. The major concern for Jean was what would she have whilst the treatment was on going as no-one had ever seen her without her denture in.
It was obvious that Jean was an ideal candidate for “teeth in a day”. This is a relatively new innovation in the field of implant dentistry, that allows four implants to be placed and the temporary restoration to be attached on to the implants at the same appointment. Jean had a detailed CT scan which showed our surgeon where to place the dental implants to give us the best result. The surgery was scheduled, Jean had local anaesthetic combined with intravenous conscious sedation, and the implants were placed. The dental technician from Smile Design then attends the surgery and processes the temporary restoration which allows it to be screwed on to the dental implants. This temporary restoration is worn for 12 weeks to allows the gums to heal and the implants to integrate, during this period we ask the patients to eat a soft diet. After three months the temporary restoration is replaced for a fixed custom-made restoration with is much stronger than the initial temporary and the patient can return to eating normally.
Jean was delighted with the final result, she had not had a complete set of fixed teeth since she was 15 years old. Obviously, this was a daunting procedure for her and she would not hesitate to recommend the treatment to anyone. Our dental surgeon and his nurse felt honoured to be the only two people to have seen Jean without her denture in and will probably be the last too!
Roger – ‘Teeth in a day’ patient
Roger had been a regular patient for Gallions Reach Dental Clinic. He was one of the unfortunate people who despite keeping his teeth clean had suffered from gum disease and as a result he had lost some teeth and was having problems with his upper partial denture. As a keen amateur dramatic it was important for Roger to have a fixed restoration at all times. Roger was an ideal candidate for the “teeth in a day” procedure and we discussed this for approximately 3 years before Roger proceeded with the proposed treatment.
Roger had a detailed 3D scan of his upper jaw which showed the exact quantity and quality of the bone available. 2 weeks prior to the day of surgery we removed all of Rogers upper teeth and fitted him with a temporary full upper denture. Four implants were placed using local anaesthetic combined with a small amount of intravenous conscious sedation. Our expert technician, Kirk Wyatt from Smile Design in Maidstone, attended the surgery and constructed a temporary bridge which was immediately attached onto the implants so he could leave on the same day with fixed teeth.
3 months after the surgery we started making a new custom made permanent bridge. A few minor aesthetic alterations were required and now Roger has a full set of upper teeth which do not move meaning that is one less thing he has to worry about when he’s on the stage. Now he only has to remember his lines….
Mary – multiple teeth implant patient
Mary was referred to us by her own dentist who, at the time, was in Peterborough. Mary had a large span bridge on the upper right which replaced 5 teeth and it had recently become mobile and painful. As a self-confessed “foodie” Mary was having trouble eating and naturally wanted to have a fixed replacement for this uncomfortable bridge.
Mary’s initial treatment involved the removal of the failing bridge and the fitting of a small temporary denture. Following a four-week healing period three dental implants were placed, there was no need for any bone augmentation and this phase of the treatment was completed painlessly and simply using local anaesthetic. Three months later the implants were uncovered, impressions were taken and sent to Smile Design Dental Laboratory near Maidstone. The specialist laboratory made a new custom-made porcelain bridge which was then permanently cemented on to the implants.
Mary has had her implant bridge since 2012 has not regretted the decision at all. She regularly enjoys her “foodie” weekends away and is constantly giving us great recommendations for new and interesting places to eat in and around Kent.
Kay – multiple teeth implant patient
Kay was referred to us by her dentist, Dr Patel in Maidstone. She had had a bridge replacing her upper front teeth for many years and now it was moving and causing her discomfort. As one of our busy district nurses it was important that she had minimal time off work and that we arranged appointments around her schedule. At Gallions Reach Dental Clinic our patients are our priority, thus we were more than happy to help Kay and for us to fit in around her rather than the other way around.
At the consultation appointment our clinicians examined the original bridge, unfortunately, it was deemed beyond repair and it had to be removed. A small temporary denture was made and immediately inserted on the same day as the teeth were removed. Two months after the teeth were removed two implants were placed using just local anaesthetic. There had been some damage to the bone so this was repaired at the same time as the implants were placed using a synthetic bone material. Four months after the surgery we constructed a new bridge and placed a porcelain veneer on an adjacent tooth to complete the transition from failing bridge to a fixed sparkling smile.
Kay was ecstatic with the treatment she received by our team at Gallions Reach Dental Clinic. She has had her bridge for 6 years now and still can not believe how painless and straightforward it was. As with all our patients, we continue to review her implants and monitor the bone levels, that is if she’s not to busy tending to her own patients…..