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Having braces will be an anxious time for your child. With a little planning, you can try to ensure your child is more comfortable and relaxed in the days following the braces being fitted.

Prepare your child

Your child will be nervous ahead of having braces fitted. Try to reassure them by explaining the process even though the dentist will most likely have done so before. Emphasise the positives of braces, how they will help their teeth and oral health, and that millions of people have braces fitted each year.

Although the fitting itself is not painful, be open and honest about the discomfort they may have after, though once again emphasise this should only last for a few days. Get to the appointment on time and avoid any unnecessary last-minute stress.

Be ready for the discomfort

In the first few days your child will experience discomfort as the teeth shift, but having a few items ready in the house can help ease their pain. By stocking up on cold foods such as ice cream and frozen yoghurts you can help soothe the gums while also giving your child a pleasant snack.

Some people allow their child to suck on ice for the same effect, but as ice can fracture teeth make sure they do not eat the ice cubes. Orthodontic wax is also key as when applied it softens the edges of the braces which can rub the mouth and cause discomfort. In the event the discomfort is difficult for your child to cope with, your dentist can recommend over-the-counter medication for them.

Fill the fridge with soft foods

Initially, your child will need to eat soft foods such as soup, smoothies, pasta, mashed potatoes, and scrambled eggs due to the tender nature of their mouth. Look to stock up on their favourite soft foods to give them something to look forward to and enjoy.

Most children tend to adapt to their braces after a few weeks and adopting these tips can help ease their discomfort in the meantime. Your Dental Health Resource contains articles on dental health for children, including braces.

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After graduating from Cardiff University in 2013, Carys worked both in general practice and in a postgraduate training role at Cardiff Dental Hospital, gaining experience in oral surgery, sedation and paediatric dentistry. Immediately prior to joining us at Gallions, she was working on Australia’s Sunshine Coast in Queensland. Friendly and personable, Carys believes strongly in creating a welcoming environment in which her patients can feel relaxed. In her spare time she enjoys dance, yoga and music (especially singing), as well as anything water sports related!

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