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For people who are missing teeth, dental implants can be a life-changing alternative to provide them with a fixed permanent solution.  

This clinically proven and effective treatment involves a simple process to place the implant(s) into the bone where the teeth are missing and subsequently attach a crown or bridge restoration to provide a fixed replacement for the missing teeth.

Advantages of dental implants

Anyone who has had dentures will know of the issues they can cause.  Dentures are removable and over time the jaw bone and gums where the tooth was lost can deteriorate, meaning the dentures become loose and slip.  Eating hard foods with dentures can also lead to alignment issues which can have a detrimental effect on the mouth overall.

One of the major benefits of dental implants is that they are permanent.  By being fixed and stable, resembling a natural tooth, it can support the jaw and help prevent bone loss.

The dental implant treatment process

Dental implants are titanium posts which are screwed directly into the jaw bone. There needs to be enough bone to support the implant. We are able to undertake simple bone augmentation in conjunction with implant treatment for patients who have had some bone loss.

Once the titanium implant has been placed, an abutment post is fixed to the top before the crown or bridge, in the case of multiple implants for a larger number of missing teeth,   is placed on the abutment. The implant acts as the tooth root and the crown/bridge as natural-looking replacement teeth.

If you have lost all of your teeth in the upper, lower, or even both jaws, we can usually carry out the Full Arch ‘Teeth in a Day’ procedure using four dental implants to secure a fixed full arch restoration all in the same day.  Using this life-changing treatment we have helped many patients regain comfort and confidence.

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Carys Lock Author

B.Dent.Sc (NUI)

GDC: 81347

After graduating from Cardiff University in 2013, Carys worked both in general practice and in a postgraduate training role at Cardiff Dental Hospital, gaining experience in oral surgery, sedation and paediatric dentistry. Immediately prior to joining us at Gallions, she was working on Australia’s Sunshine Coast in Queensland. Friendly and personable, Carys believes strongly in creating a welcoming environment in which her patients can feel relaxed. In her spare time she enjoys dance, yoga and music (especially singing), as well as anything water sports related!

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